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Jolene Merryman



Jolene Merryman is a Kern County native. Married to her husband for over 25 yrs. She is a woman of faith whose motivation and drive is her family. In her free time she loves to travel. She has many friends and family living throughout the US and has helped clients with relocation as well. Prior to becoming a Realtor, she has worked many different types of jobs, such as lab technician, Hall Ambulance driver, law enforcement officer, and actress (which she still has a passion for). Her past experiences highlight her strengths: attention to detail, ability to deescalate a situation, negotiation and make sure a person feels like they are the only one in the spotlight. A career in real estate enables her to put all of these strengths to good use in addition to using her large network, that spans across Kern County and beyond, to help her clients.