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1. Brooklynite till 18 years old
2. Californian ever since
3. Brought up in the restaurant business in Coney Island under the boardwalk
4. (1961) Married into the Mexican Food Business in El Monte
5. 1989 was asked by a good customer to come work for him as a Realtor
6. 1992 started my Real Estate career in the Eastern part of Los Angeles county (Arcadia, Pasadena, La Verne, Glendora and beyond.
7. My experience in customer service was instrumental in succeeding in Real Estate
8. Oldest daughter married and moved to Bakersfield to marry Arturo Esparza who graduated the university of Bakersfield and owns his own mortgage company here.
9. Therein was the writing on the wall.
10. Adopted Bakersfield as our new home to be close to children and grandchildren
11. In the interim of the time I came to California and got married I convinced all of my 4 siblings and parents to make the transition also.
I have been in Bakersfield since 2001 and have been in love with the people. My clients have become good friends with whom I still interact. My experience in the process of selling homes will make all the difference, turning an otherwise difficult, stressful situation into a comfortable, informed process that you are in control of. One of my main attributes is that I return calls promptly and am available personally to answer your questions.


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