Being a part of the Miramar family doesn’t just mean keeping more of your commissions, it also means access to technology that will boost your real estate practice to the state-of-the-art. Miramar offers its agents a state-of-the-art web presence built around the SpatialMatch® real estate search engine. This powerful system gives your clients search capabilities that go above and beyond today’s top consumer real estate websites. SpatialMatch® is a real-time interactive geo-spatial search platform that delivers an innovative new way to search for real estate online. Every aspect of the search process is conducted on an interactive map, creating a fluid, engaging user experience.

The integrated Lifestyle Search allows users to see the critical community data points in their real estate decision-making process from a whole new persepctive. Looking for a home within a quarter mile of a high school, a half mile of a coffee shop, and 2 miles from a grocery store? SpatialMatch® will help you and your clients pinpoint these homes, saving you time, and producing more transactions.

The platform integrates deep levels of data, including for-sale homes, historic ‘sold’ data, 60+ million not-for-sale houses, 130,000+ schools and universities, 12+ million businesses, demographics, statistical data, and much more.

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